Meet our Students

Every child with autism is unique

At Giant Steps, we recognize that every student has their own interests, abilities and challenges.
We respect their individuality, build upon their strengths and celebrate every accomplishment.
Read about some of Our Students and Our Graduates, and what parents say as Families Speak Out.


11 year-old Marika has made great gains here at Giant Steps. She is reading leveled books, answering simple comprehension questions and using the TouchMath program to add and subtract. With speech therapy, she has improved immensely in her ability to request, respond and take turns in conversations.

She is developing her keyboarding skills on an iPad and laptop in occupational therapy.  Marika has become proficient at identifying emotions with the Zones of Regulation program, and her core strength and flexibility have improved significantly with work on therapy equipment such as the barrel. A token board and daily schedule help her move independently through her day.

A super skater, she is also a great food shopper on our weekly grocery store outings!


12 year-old Shane is a Grade 7 student who attends his home school with our support 5 mornings a week. Shane is proficient at using technology in his curriculum work and he has a strong sight word vocabulary. He is working on formulating his thoughts using charts and webs when creating writing passages.

With our Occupational Therapist, Shane is working on his strength and endurance to improve his participation in physical education classes and recess activities. He independently reaches out to his peers to socialize and is highly motivated to interact with them. Using the Zones of Regulation program, Shane is proficient at identifying emotions and he is learning strategies to maintain a state of calm.

Way to go Shane!


Grade 4 student Connor uses an iPad with the Proloquo2Go app to express his wants and need and participate in writing activities. He has learned to follow 2 step directions and understand “Wh” questions. He has shown great improvement in his reading skills, in telling time, and in setting up and following a daily schedule.

Our behavior therapist is helping Connor improve his abilities to work independently, and in OT, he is learning independence with meal-related routines. Our office staff love Connor’s visits and the “How are you?”, “I’m fine” and “See you later alligator” he types on his iPad to our staff.

We are excited to report that Connor will soon be spending time in his local school with the support of a Giant Steps Program Assistant!