Meet our students

Every child with autism is unique

At Giant Steps, we recognize that every student has their own interests, abilities and challenges.
We respect their individuality, build upon their strengths and celebrate every accomplishment.
Read about some Our Students and Our Graduates, and what our families say as Families Speak Out.


William, now in Grade 3, uses a visual schedule to participate in matching letters and numbers on our SMART Boards and iPads. Greeting his peers, turn-taking and following 1-2 step directions are a focus of his play/social skill goals.

Our Speech & Language Pathologist has worked on the vocabulary that enables him to engage in school and family activities such as the board games he now plays with his brother at home. William’s eye contact, smiles and interest in the world around him are a wonderful reward!


10 year-old Shane is especially interested in technology and engaged in learning with our SMARTBoards and iPads. With a visual support system, he now understands classroom routines and can organize himself throughout the day.

He is progressing well with the Edmark Reading program at Giant Steps, and an online reading program at home. With wrist extension and pencil grip exercises, our OT is helping him print. A sensory plan is giving Shane the tools he needs to cope with his sensitivities to sound. Great work Shane!


A member of our primary classroom, 8 year-old Connor’s world has opened up with the help of the Proloquo2Go software on our iPads – he is now communicating his wants and needs and keenly exploring the wealth of vocabulary within the system.

He arrives each morning with a huge smile and organizes himself for the day, enjoying his desk work of spelling and printing, eating lunch with his peers and loving the gross motor activities in our climbing centre. What a successful year!