Families Speak Out

Nobody says it better than a parent

Our dedicated families are strong advocates for their children and active partners in their program planning and implementation.
Here, several families speak out about their children and their progress at Giant Steps.

Our Son John Paul

“As with any big change in your child’s life, you thoroughly explore, question and weigh your options. When we were considering Giant Steps for our son, John-Paul, we did just that. And when he was chosen to attend the school, we immediately decided to enroll him and have never looked back.

Giant Steps provides JP and his peers with an integrated approach to learning in a supportive and caring environment. His specific needs are at the core of a collaborative customized plan that gets created, executed and adjusted each school year. One of the big changes we have seen is that, with the help of his teachers and therapists, John-Paul, who is non-verbal, has learned to communicate his needs through the use of an iPad app.

We feel that with the leadership and guidance of Giant Steps’ strong, progressive and experienced team, JP has been given a unique opportunity to develop and thrive. 

We are so grateful to Giant Steps. It’s JP’s school, social network and second home.”

-Diane & Joe, JP’s parents

Our Daughter Clara

“Our daughter Clara has been attending Giant Steps since 2015. From the very first day we knew it was exactly what we wanted for her – a school dedicated to supporting and celebrating the learning and development of autistic kids in a holistic environment of education, therapies, extracurricular activities, and one-to-one support. Communication support and sensory accommodations take centre stage, with the individual needs of each student outlined in tailored education plans focused on presuming competence.

In her years at Giant Steps, Clara has had the benefit of incredibly caring, innovative, and knowledgeable teachers, therapists, and program assistants. She’s made great strides in learning, social skills, and communication. She gets to hang out with her autistic peers and have the benefits of integrated education at her home school several days a week. In addition to the amazing learning that takes place, activities like ice skating, swimming, life skills, climbing, and more are part of the day to day – perfect complements to the sensory needs of our active girl. Best of all, we get to be involved every step of the way. We love the daily communication book, the parent training sessions, and the always open door. Giant Steps is so much more than a school – it feels like a family.”

-Dave & Kelly, Clara’s parents

Our Son Jacob

“Our son Jacob has been attending Giants Steps since September 2017.  We are so happy that Jacob’s individualized academic and therapy program at Giant Steps targets his particular strengths and needs.  In addition to lessons and therapy sessions, Jacob is doing many new things now including skating, swimming lessons, track and field, arts & crafts and field trips.  Many kids with autism don’t do well with changes in routine and new experiences, and Giant Steps’ team have provided the strategies and support that enable Jacob to experience less anxiety and enjoy new outings and activities now.

A critical key to our son’s success is the staff, many who have over 15 years of experience working with children with autism.  Over the years, the staff have dealt with every scenario that can occur and will “roll with the punches” to do what is best for Jacob.  As a parent of a child with autism that is one of the greatest environments that you can have to ensure your child can meet their potential.  Other parents are also an invaluable resource for sharing experiences and knowledge, helping us all to navigate the world of autism. All in all, Giant Steps is a tremendously valuable environment for our son and our family”

-Maya & Robert, Jacob’s parents