Our Daughter Clara

Clara"From the first information session we could hardly believe our ears – a school dedicated to supporting the development and learning of autistic kids, with therapists on staff and consistent one-on-one support?! Not to mention the climbing and life skills centres, sensory room, and more – this was exactly what we wanted for our daughter.

At Giant Steps, Clara has incredibly caring and knowledgeable teachers, therapists, and program assistants. They tailor robust Individual Education Plans that are truly individual and focused on presuming competence. She’s made great strides in learning, social skills, and communication. She gets to hang out with autistic peers and will experience integration into her ‘home school’. She gets to do activities like ice skating, swimming, and track in ways that work for her sensory needs. Best of all, we get to be involved every step of the way. We love the daily communication book, the ‘parent training’ sessions, and the always open door. Giant Steps is so much more than a school – it feels like a family."

-Dave & Kelly, Clara’s parents