Giant Steps is a therapy centre that builds the skills and abilities of children with autism through specialized, evidence-based therapies and life skills programming

Behaviour Therapy

Behaviour Consultation

Behaviour Therapy

Common traits of individuals with autism that are functions of neurological and sensory challenges include behaviours that can impede functioning, learning and socializing. Some of these may include hyperactivity, anxiety, repetitive behaviours, unusual attachments to objects, tantrums, aggressive or self-injurious behaviours, preference for being alone, avoidance of body contact and difficulties adjusting to change in routines, activities or environments.

Giant Steps’ behaviour therapist is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). Using principles of applied behavioural analysis and data collection and analysis, our therapist conducts assessments and develops individualized behavioural strategies and modifications to curriculum and programming that are implemented by our team. Our behaviour therapist also educates and trains our staff in positive behavioural intervention strategies and techniques.