In the Community

Our community outings, Sports & Rec Club and the inclusion of our kids in their local public schools are currently on hold.

We’re out and about!

Integration and transfer of learned skills to a variety of environments is an important focus of the Giant Steps program. Programming at Giant Steps includes frequent community outings where our students practise social, academic, recreational and life skills with the support of the Giant Steps team.

Our kids are busy in the community swimming and skating, on restaurant outings and farm trips, participating in the annual York Region District School Board track meet for students with special needs and visiting a variety of venues such as the Ontario Science Centre, Variety Village, the McMichael Gallery and Centre Island.

Many kids with autism have never been on the ice, unable to participate in this activity with their families or at school because of fear and challenges with gross motor and other sensory and motor issues. During weekly skating outings each fall and winter and with the 1:1 support of our staff, we teach kids with autism to skate, providing them with the opportunity for exercise, an improvement in gross motor skills and participation in a social, recreational and leisure activity with their families and typically developing peers.