Teaching the Teacher


To facilitate the meaningful participation of children with ASD in their schools, our Director educates their teachers and fellow students about autism, the needs of children with autism in general and their Giant Steps classmate in particular, and ways of fostering their successful participation with typically developing peers.

Mentorship programs and circle of support groups are just a few programs that are often implemented and our Director works with school staff and students through individual sessions, in the classroom setting and via larger group presentations to schools.

Paloma FoundationWe are grateful to the generous support of the Paloma Foundation, whose multi-year grants made our Teaching the Teacher program a reality for our kids and their local schools for many years.


“As a teacher at R.H. Crosby Public School, I found the presentation by Giant Steps to be so informative and useful. They taught myself, our Educational Assistant and my students a lot about autism. This was done in a manner that was hands-on and interactive, enabling my Grade 1 and 2 kids to fully understand the material and using practical examples to show the class what it is like to live with autism.

“Our students here at E. J. Sands Public School were engaged and actively involved during Giant Steps’ autism presentations. They were especially interested in the concrete examples and demonstrations of what having autism is like for a child at school (such as their need for increased processing time, hypersensitivities to noise, touch, etc.). The experience was very valuable for our students in creating awareness and understanding of students with exceptionalities.”