Siblings group

” The Siblings Group was a wonderful experience for our daughter Alyssa, whose older sister attended Giant Steps. She had been able to share her feelings with other siblings who she described as ‘the same as me’, and learned more about autism while exploring the climbing centre and Squeeze Machine her sister used. Alyssa now has a better understanding of how kids with autism experience the world, and thinks her big sister is ‘really cool’! ”

Families and professionals recognize that having a brother or sister with autism has a profound impact on a typically developing child in the family. These children are in fact far from typical. Often mature and wise beyond their years, they face a multitude of challenges, responsibilities and yes, benefits.

Our siblings group addresses these issues with families.

Facilitated by Giant Steps’ staff, siblings of our kids meet at Giant Steps to share pizza, climbing, swinging and fun in our KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation Climbing Centre.

The group provides siblings of kids with autism the opportunity to develop friendships and share experiences, feelings, joys and frustrations with other children living in similar families.